When we are under stress, mentally, emotionally or physically, our body talks to us through
             symptoms or dis-ease.  This is the messenger that our body uses to focus our attention to the fact
             that we are not living fully.   Disease or dis-ease results from blocking the flow of life and symptoms
             are the body’s way of dealing with the blockage.  Treating the symptoms is like killing the messenger
             for bringing bad news.  By treating symptoms we are stopping the body from expressing that we are
             unable to adapt. Your body is literally talking to you.  So the symptom is not the problem it is 
             merely the messenger.  Therefore it is important to find out what the message is and what area of
             your life it is telling you about!  For example, have you ever loved and lost? While the relationship
             was going well, you had abundant energy, could stay up late, eat junk food and yet felt on top of the
             world.  Then, when the relationship fell apart, you suddenly felt unworthy / depressed /hopeless /
             angry… and you got physically ill – perhaps in the form of back pain or neck pain.   What was the real
             cause of the pain?  Something you did physically “wrong”?  Or was it perhaps an outer manifestation
             of your internal state that affected your physical body?

             In the above example, if we just worked on the muscles of the neck and back, we may be missing

             the real cause, i.e. the person’s inability to adapt to the new circumstances in the relationship. In  

             other words it is important to see the pain, “disease” or negative patterns as a messenger. 

             A Kinesiologists works with the message behind the symptoms!

             A qualified Specialised Kinesiologist can help you with pain, emotional issues, relationship or
             financial problems, learning difficulties, food sensitivities or allergies and much more.

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