2014 - 2015,

A journey of renewal, of awareness, of acceptance. All started with my first session. Feelings of despair, self-judgement that had moved with me thru my every breathe was suddenly discarded. For many years I had unknowingly been carrying around negative energy in a time capsules. Carrying these feelings with me but still wondering why not much was changing. Unlocked these capsules and allowing it to ebb away into the vast ocean, never to hold me captive again Ė brought mental and emotional freedom unimaginable. The power to heal is within us, Freda guided and helped me to realise this and thus my journey  of rebirth began. Every day I commit to affirming the positive. Some days are more challenging than others. But as long as we are committed to the journey of recovery, the universe will work with us.

Ms A


I took my son to see Freda Naidoo for help with his knees and legs that are constantly giving him problems for more than eight years.

Freda is very helpful and patient and through the sessions we had with her, she brought relief from pain and stiffness, but also a lot of insight about my son body and mind. My son is feeling much less pain and understands his body better. He is always looking forward to the next session with Freda. I personally like the way she explains the impact of all the activities done during the session. Freda is kind and gentle, and I certainly recommend her kinesiology.   Regards, Mr. S 


I was at a dark place in my life and knew that I required healing of the spiritual sort. I had been through some very emotional traumas i.e. the murder of my brother at a young age and my mumís emotional collapse thereafter which led to a stroke. Coupled with this I was carrying an immense amount of emotional baggage since I was a child.

I read about kinesiology in Oct 2014 and amazingly enough came across Freda's signage outside her premises in Jan 2015. I just knew I had to give it a try. The first session seemed simple and I wondered if such simple techniques could actually heal me, however at the end of the first session I felt like I had released an elephant off my shoulder.

I started practicing the techniques I had learnt and it worked.

The second session was incredible as we just talked and I could feel bad vibrations releasing just as we chatted. I was suffering with really bad sinuses and I actually felt it clearing up during the session.

Freda Naidoo is an exceptional person, I find her to be very caring and patient. Kinesiology is not a business to her, itís her passion, a passion to help people heal themselves!
Regards Ms S

In September 2013, I was introduced to Freda Naidoo (whom I truly believe was a God send), she explained the whole Kinesiology program to me and what Kinesiology is about and I couldnít understand how this works and after hearing of the wonderful stories she told me and the haling it brings as well as the benefits I decided to give it a go.


My experience with Kinesiology therapy session was the release of my emotional, family, relationship baggage that I carried with me for years and since I did not make any attempts to find support and also because I am no friend of Psychiatrist or Psychologist I didnít want to talk about my problems to anyone.  I tried to fix my problems and heal my own pain.  Since Iíve been living with a lot of fears and shame, disappointments etc, I didnít realise in the interim what an emotional wreck I was and it was just getting a little worse as the days went by.  Not wanting to get support I tried my utmost best to leave my baggage to sort itself out under the carpet.


On my first session, there were a few questions and answers followed by what I dreaded, ďtalking about my pastĒ, but once I got started I just wanted to talk because for the first time in years I somehow felt so at ease because of the environment I was in and most of all because Freda made me feel so comfortable.


It was during the sessions I was able to come to terms with those problems, amazingly enough I was able to confront them and walk away with no regrets.  Iíve seen Freda for 2 more sessions thereafter and to this day I am so grateful to her for helping me through life.  I am certainly not done and will continue to go for more sessions.


I am very grateful that I am able to heal from those issues that disturbed me for the most and with Fredaís help my outlook in life has really improved, I will certainly recommend Kinesiology to my family and friends.

Mrs. O                    


Kinesiology is not a quick fix, take a pill and be healed thing.  Itís a process of natural healing. Freda Naidoo will discover your problem or issue, be it physical or emotional. She will get to the root of it and then start healing you. I believe she has a special gift and that is to help people. What I admire most about her is that she believes that everyone has the ability to heal oneís self and in her helping you she teaches you how to heal yourself. I know kinesiology is the way forward. Try it, you won't regret it.        Mrs. M



The sessions I attended were very insightful and helpful.  It helped me acknowledge the things I could change and released my true self.  I recommend her to everyone that is looking for help in any possible way.  Mr. J



I attended sessions with Freda Naidoo and it has changed my life.  The session went very well and today I am not afraid to approach people to sell my products.  She has also helped me with my health.  I feel much better and would recommend her anytime.  Mrs. R

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