Working with children

Am I listening to my child?

Why has my child become a bully?

Why is my child being bullied and why hasn't he/ she said anything to me?

Our childhood shapes our future... they say that old habits die hard

I believe that our children are important and they deserve to be taken care of.  We are living in a very troubled time where both parents have to work so they can provide for their kids.  By working with children and discovering what or who is troubling them we can save them a lot of unpleasantness while growing up.  it is much easier to help a child think or act differently than working with a troubled adult.

With Kinesiology we can get to the route of the problem and help them to see things differently and assist them in fixing what has to be fixed.

Kinesiology can also assist your child in overcoming many difficulties that they may encounter on a daily basis.  Children will show signs when they are "not in balance".  It may show in their posture; not walking upright, shoulders bent, through them being aloof, having low energy or not coping at school.  Kinesilogy uses the following techniques to assist your child with the daily stresses and pressure they may encounter.

1.  Brain gym that helps with integration of the left and right brain and can address:

     a.  Lack of concentration

     b.  Learning difficulties (reading, writing, listening)

     c.  Lack of coordination

2.  Emotional issues

3.  Lack of confidence

4.  Physical pain (for example, from sporting injuries)

5.  Bad posture

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